Frequently asked questions 


What are your opening hours? 
We are open Monday to Friday 7.30am-6pm for 51 weeks of the year; only closing for a week between Christmas and the New Year. We are also closed for public bank holidays. 
Do you accept funding? 
We accept both 2 and 3 year old funding within our setting. We do ask for proof of eligibility of the two year funding before children attend, however, all three year olds will automatically gain funding the term after their 3rd birthday. Funding can be taken term time only (15 hours) or stretched throughout the full year (11 hours) Some three year olds may be eligible for additional funding increasing these to 22 or 30 hours. You can check eligibility on the 'childcare choices' website. 
Do you allow students in the setting? 
Yes, we believe everyone should have the chance to experience how a nursery runs day to day and we feel you can only really gain a true picture of it from seeing it first hand. Our students are members of Wilberforce College or Hull College and are DBS checked before they attend the setting. Students will always be accompanied by a member of staff and will never be left alone with the children. 
What qualifications do the staff have? 
All of our staff have at least a Level 3 qualification in childcare and are trained in Paediatric First Aid. 

Our nursery day 

I'm considering registering my child with Kiddie Kastle, how do I go about this? 
We encourage new parents/carers to come and look around the setting and meet our staff. You can contact us in many ways via this website and we can arrange a visit on a day that suits you best and give you all the information you would need to register your child with us. Upon registration we offer two 2 hour settling in sessions to support not only the child but the parents too. We know leaving your child somewhere new for the first time can be a little daunting so we are happy for parents to stay with their child for some or all of their first session. This would also give us chance to discuss your child's individual needs and get to know a little more about them. We encourage parents to leave the child during their second session to help the child adapt to their parent/carer not being here during their sessions but, with the shorter hours, it lets them know you soon come back to collect them. 
What items do I need to bring to nursery? 
- nappies 
- wipes 
- cream 
- at least one change of clothes - including underwear if applicable 
- indoor/outdoor shoes 
- coat 
Will the children play outside in all weathers? 
Yes, outdoor play is an important part of a child's learning and by having the opportunity to explore and learn about the outside world it helps them develop in many areas. Please can we ask that children are sent dressed appropriately for the weather as we will play outside at least once a day. The only time we will not go outside is if the weather is so bad that the children will not gain anything positive from the experience. 
How will I know my child is okay throughout the day? 
You are welcome to call us as many times as you need throughout the day to check how your child is getting on. You will also have regular updates via our Famly app to show you what they have gotten up to whilst at nursery. If your child becomes really unsettled we are happy to give you a call to let you know to ensure they are not distressed for long periods. 

Following our policies 

My child has an allergy. Will they be safe at nursery? 
Yes, we cater for all individual needs including dietary requirements, intolerances or personal choices. 
Can someone else collect my child if I am unable to? 
We have a strict security policy and we cannot allow any child to leave the building with anyone we haven't met without additional measures put in place in advance. We ask all parents to inform us of any changes as soon as possible. We would fill out a collection log with you to get information on who else is collecting. We would also set up a password with yourselves to give you piece of mind that your child is leaving with the right person.  
My child was sick during the night but they seem okay this morning, can they still come to nursery? 
Unfortunately not. We have a duty of care to all children and must ensure they can attend a nursery that is free from infections and contagious illnesses. Therefore all children with sickness and diarrhea must remain at home for 48 hours after their last bout.  
Another symptoms that would be a cause for concern would be a temperature. As a temperature can mask many different illnesses so we ask that children are kept at home until their temperature has come down for 24 hours and they are feeling better.  
Can my child be given medication at nursery? 
We are able to administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, however we do ask that children are kept at home for the first 48 hours after starting their medication to give it chance to start working. We will complete a medication form with yourselves upon arrival to the nursery to ensure the medication is administered correctly. Ongoing medications such as inhalers will require a long term medication form. 
Will my child go on outings with the nursery? 
We do try to notify parents in advance if we plan to go somewhere but we may sometimes have last minute trips to the local park or around the community. We do ask for permission for this on our enrollment forms so you have the option to request your child does not leave the setting for outings. When we do leave the setting with the children we always ensure we have lower ratios so there are enough staff to accompany the children and keep them safe. Both children and staff wear bright orange high-vis vests with the name and number of the setting. A first aid kit would also be taken in the event of a fall or scraped knee. 
What happens if my child has an accident? 
We will always try our best to prevent accidents where possible; however within a nursery environment they do still occur from time to time. If your child has an accident at the setting we will provide any first aid needed (all staff are trained in paediatric first aid) and complete an accident form stating what happened and what injury occured. All bumps to the head will result in a phone call to make parents aware. We will monitor all children that have had an accident to ensure their symptoms do not change. Smaller accidents would be wrote up and parents would be made aware upon collection.  
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